Social Media Marketing is a great way to get exposure and connect with your customers. Talking with your customers directly is a great way to get them to know, like and trust you – which is ultimately the best way to make a sale, and maybe even a brand advocate. Social media marketing covers everything that you might do to drum up business on your social media channels.

why Social Media marketing is so important?

  • 93% of businesses depend on social media sites for marketing their products and services
  • 72% of internet users have social media profiles
  • People aged 8-29 constitute 89% of social media users
  • 71% use mobile devices for accessing Social Media
  • 60% aged 60 plus use this platform

Engaging content and graphics for social media campaign:

Creating and engaging content with relevant graphics is an important part of our social media marketing campaign. We use Web Content Syndication or RSS and Blogs for product promotions or sharing updates, or newsworthy articles. Delightful and informative Infographics are another crucial engagement tool. We keep your audience hooked with relevant, interesting posts that compel people to share.

Our Social Media Marketing Approach:

Phase 1: Market Study

We monitor your competitor’s activities from brand, social media activities and we create a brand centric profile reservation on social media sites for you and monitor activities.

Phase 2: First Foray

Update/create social media profiles with your companies’ description, pictures, timeline posts, new content posts including company events, project photos and join relevant communities on LinkedIn or Facebook or other Social Media.

Phase 3: Operational Activity

This includes creating a basic KPI social dashboard setup, assign, measure metrics, focus on network growth, official response to conversations on issues and topics..

Phase 4: Productivity Phase

Efficiency improvement with third-party solutions and apps, assign social media marketing goals with measurements, integration of social data with planning related to other channels, and cross-functional team creation for web development, PR, customer service, and marketing.

Phase 5: Full Engagement

Create procedures, policy, governance, data integration, with the expansion of capabilities of social software.

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